Press Release from the Mesa County Sheriffs Department

The Grand Junction Air Show will be in town this weekend, featuring the incredible U.S. Navy Blue Angels! Public safety agencies throughout Mesa County will be providing resources to support the show. Part of that support effort will be in the desert north of the airport. A semi-trailer will be parked at "airshow center" to offer pilots a landmark to orient for distance and timing. For this reason, RVs or other high profile vehicles, tents, etc, will not be allowed in the desert if they are determined to be potentially disorienting to a pilot's navigation. While the desert and shooting ranges will be open throughout the weekend, there will be intermittent closures at the 27 1/4 Road desert access point. Closures will begin on Wednesday, and will continue throughout the weekend. For some of the more high profile acts, areas of the desert, referred to as the "acrobatic box," which includes 27 1/4 Road, will be restricted per FAA requirements. The acrobatic box is the area in which the aerial stunts are performed and an emergency crash area, if needed. Please plan accordingly! Visit the Grand Junction Air Show website ( for more information about this weekend's events.

The 2019 GJ Airshow Schedule is out!

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